Understanding The Times

March 29, 2020
These are unprecedented times... and understanding the times is crucial to our walk with God, our Christian faith, our preparation and readiness to be a servant of Jesus Christ.

God With Us

December 9, 2019
Note: We are unable to record or post sermons due to a flood in the building and the shuffling that has taken place as we deal with the damage. Thoughts…

The Grind of Guilt

November 10, 2019
Did you ever try to come to the Thanksgiving Table without washing your hands when you were a kid? It didn’t work, did it! Neither does it work when we…

Thoughts on Worship

November 3, 2019
Worship Sunday: The focus was on worshiping together this morning, with a few  short devotions on worship. Before and after each speaker we sang several songs together, took communion, and…

Bless The Lord

October 27, 2019
We often think of God blessing us, but what about us blessing God? King David in his Psalms gives us some good reasons to bless God. God forgives all your…


October 20, 2019
Pastor Nancy starts out with a prayer during the worship time: Do you need to be filled today with the hope and energy of the Holy Spirit? Then our Youth…

What Do You Need Today?

October 14, 2019
"What Do You Need Today?" Do you ever ask yourself that when you wake up in the morning? Listen to Pastor Stan Brown share about how Jesus knows what we…